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Auto populate physical address instead of place name

09-07-2023 08:48 AM
Occasional Contributor

I have a survey where teams can update their location. Part of it uses a map so they can easily pin their location using location services on their phone and a few fields after that automatically fill out to give the address and such. However, I noticed that if you place a point on or near a business, you'll almost always get the business name and not the address. Example below.


This is all set up in the web editor of Survey123 and I'd like it to stay there so anyone on my team can edit the survey if needed. Seems to be set up correctly, pulling the match address in the calculation, but it always tries to pull the place name instead of the actual address. Any way around this or do I just have to wait for Esri to push out an update?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi! The results of reverse geocoding can be controlled through a custom locator or locator view.

Check this blog first to understand how to create locator views: 

Once you have a locator view that only returns physical addresses, use either Survey123 web designer or Connect to have your map question or calculation use the locator view you created and shared.

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Thanks for your response Ismael! I was able to make the view of the address locator, but no matter the combination of settings I set up I'm still getting place names. Any guidance?

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