Auto-populate Field With Next Number

02-27-2017 02:11 AM
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I have a Reference Number field, I would like to auto-populate the field with the next number, i.e. if the last Reference Number was 8 then when I create a new survey the Reference Number will auto-populate with the number 9.

Anyone know how to do this?


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi John,

Currently this functionality isn't supported within Survey123.  Can you elaborate a bit more on how this Reference Number is used?  A use case that is problematic to support is sequential numbering- when multiple people are collecting surveys, sequential numbering can't be guaranteed.

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Thanks for the reply James.

Yes, it is sequential numbering that I am referring to.

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Is it possible to have sequential numbering within one users survey;

We are trying to emulate a pad of forms that are numbered sequentially and issued to a person; so Person 1 would be given a pad with forms numbered 1-100 , person 2 forms numbered 101-200 etc

When the forms are returned they can be audited to ensure all have been completed simply by checking the sequence.

So in Survey123 the use case would be along the lines of:

Person1 goes into the field and completes surveys

Survey 1 - Complete/Submitted

Survey 2 - Complete/Submitted

Survey 3 - Not Complete

Survey 4 - Complete/Submitted

How can the manager audit Person1 and discover Survey 3 has not been completed; if they had a sequential number then you could query the database and given Survey 4 is present there must have been a Survey3.

If the sequence had to be unique to each tablet/person then username_Survey1 would be the unique key to the survey.



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You can do this with SSMS or GeoEvent.

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I got this to work for repeats


In a repeat have a field with a calculate (it can be editable)

Use this formula subbing in any field in the repeat (except itself)




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