Auto complete function for multi select questions

03-03-2021 08:49 AM
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Is it possible to use the autocomplete function for a select multiple question. I have a long list of users who will be carrying out inspections and often together so need them to be able to start typing their names and select multiple names from the list rather than scrolling down a long list to select multiple names.

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Hi @LouiseHarris1  The autocomplete appearance is not available for select_multiple because it would lead into incorrect data entry and/or confusion. Lets pretend the user selects a couple of options that later get hidden as the user changes the search text: Should these hidden options remain marked or not? In some cases yes, in others not... To avoid confusion, autocomplete is only available with select_one.

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Could you create it as two different types of appearance to allow the creator of the particular form to make that decision and allow the choice of to display checked boxes or not? That was they could inform their users more accurately for each case.

Or when there's a select_multiple with autocomplete appearance have it show a summary field for clarity just below the drop down list?

Because this would be a great option, I just was working with a form where I want a user to be able to select multiple asset IDs if necessary from a list (if there are multiple signs on a single support) and because I forgot autocomplete doesn't apply to select_multiple completely froze Survey123 cause it tried displaying 20,000+ records.

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I have a requirement of selecting multiple flora species names out of around 400 entries for a ecological survey. If autocomplete function for a select multiple question was available for the task it would have been easier than scrolling down through 400 entries each time. 

Also, if this function was available on Field Maps that would also have been nice. 

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