Attachments sent by survey123 lack relationship key

08-27-2020 12:13 PM
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I recently updated an older FC/ attachment to Global IDs with unique indexes. I used the geoprocessing tool Migrate Relationship Class in order to not have to rebuild the attachment table completely (20k records). 

This worked to have Supports ApplyEdits With Global Ids: true. However I have noticed that all attachments sent in via the survey123 completely lack the relationship GUID. The attachment exists, but the Relationship Global ID does not. BTW attachments added to the FC using Collector/ Web App builder honor the relationship key and write it in appropriately.

Is this because the attribute is not called REL_GUID but instead an amalgamation of the original file name plus _GlobalID_2 given by the geoprocessing tool?

Will I need to completely rebuilt the attachment table in order for Survey123 to properly input in the relationship key?

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Hi Erick,

This may be best dealt with by filing a case with Esri Technical Support.  Among other things it would be helpful to understand:

- Is this a hosted service or non-hosted service?  If non-hosted, which DBMS is being used

- Are you submitting via the field app or the web app

- It would be very helpful to have the Feature layer JSON information as well as capture the traffic of a submission attempt

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