Ask about the Related table came from the repeat table in Survey123 for ArcGIS, How to show its data in pop-up?String fields or numeric,both!

10-27-2019 03:33 AM
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Hello, I am called Alain Roland Munyaneza. I continue to have an issue with how to get the data from the related table came from the repeat table table in survey123. I tried to follow similar arcade expressions from questions that were asked here from GeoNet but I do not get the fields! In fact, I have two separate tables that I want to show in each table the data that are in. I have one table for owners and another for areas. I want all these data in pop-up. For the first table, I want to the Owner first name and the Owner Family Name. I tried to use the FeatureSetbyRelationshipName function but it doesn't give out. I tried to use too FeatureSetbyName and FeatureSetbyID but all  I do not get. When I follow the example given here for arcade, I put ParentGlobalID for the parent layer and GlobalID for the table but it doesn't work. Does anyone guide me how to do this?

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