Are Attachments working for you?

04-07-2016 07:40 AM
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I am using tablets and the field crews use PDF Forms as well to gather information. I cannot get SURVEY123 to attach any files whatsoever... besides photos. If I take a photo with the survey no problem. If I gather information and then try to add an attachment I cannot.

Are attachments currently supported? Did I miss something. Can you add an attachment to your survey? Any help would be appreciated.


More info: I can add an attachment to the desktop map that I had added for the survey data. When I go to add an attachment from my tablet all I get is a blank screen that says "Photos" on top with an arrow in the upper left that brings me back to my survey. Shouldn't the attachment button open up a dialog box to pick your file?  This scenario can be repeated on multiple tablets. Also, I created a survey that only contained one text note field and one image field. Same result as above.

This issues is the same on Samsung Tab2, Samsung Tab4, and Samsung Active phone.

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Hi Dean,

unfortunately Survey123 does not let you attach documents just yet. You can only attach images.


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This is an important enhancement. Field workers performing inspections of assets may want to add a reference drawing (e.g. CAD PDF) when submitting the survey.

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I would love it if the users could upload their tracklogs instead of having them send them to me via email. Other format attachments might come in handy too (docx, xlsx, pdf etc).

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