arcgis-survey123://?portalUrl= failing to switch Enterprise portals

05-19-2022 10:33 AM
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We ask our field staff to constantly review updates and changes to the numerous Survey123s they use in their daily activities. One common problem is that they often forget to switch back from STAGE to PROD when they are done testing. 

I am attempting to include the ?portalUrl= reference in links which are used to open the Survey123 app on iOS devices to direct them to the correct Enterprise portal. However I notice the following behaviour:

  • If the user is already logged out, and Survey123 is closed then arcgis-survey123://?portalUrl= works fine.
  • If the user is already logged out, and Survey123 is open then arcgis-survey123://?portalUrl= fails to sign the user in.
  • If the user is logged in to a different portal, and Survey123 is open or closed then arcgis-survey123://?portalUrl= results in the below error. The app must be closed and the link used again to successfully reach the correct portal.

Is this known behaviour @JamesTedrick or @IsmaelChivite ?




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