ARCGIS Survey123 Connect CSV File Up

12-01-2021 04:25 PM
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I am new to survey 123 connect. I would like a "drop-down" with a list of employee names. I believe there is an option were you can link to a cvs file, but I can not get past one an error. In a video I watch you can use "select_multiple_from_file or select_one_from_file" but on the XLSForm used to create in the survey, there is not that option in the "type" column.

Would this be on the XLSForm available through Survey 123 Connect or is this something I have to create myself? I have about 500 employee names, I would like to add to this inspection. 

Below is the video I watched, starting at 24:00 - this is what I am referring too.



I am currently using the latest version of Survey 123 Connect. 



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Hi. Just type it in, as shown in the video.

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