Applying and not applying a choice filter

05-29-2020 02:43 AM
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I have a choice filter applied to a select-one field. Essentially, the first choice is "company", if they select the ecology firm, the user can then select the ecology based "roles".

However, on occasion (often enough to be required) their may be a different contractor, and therefore a different company. And rather than having type out and therefore inevitably typo to job roles, I want the users to be able to access the full "roles" picklist.

My intial thought was something along the lines of;

if(${Company} = 'Other','',co=${Company})

in the choice_filter column. However, this doesn't work.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Ben,

Apologie for the delay in response.  If the person is working for a different contractor, why would they keep the wrong company's information in the form?

The choice_filter column does not use a full XLSForm expression.  It you have an 'other' option in the choice question that causes the cascade, you could make a set of choices available when the respondent select 'other' in the cascading select (essentially a copy of the common roles you would want them to select from).

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