Appending Excel data with pictures to Survey 123 feature layer in AGOL

01-29-2021 08:02 AM
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I'm attempting to append data from an excel table to the feature layer that was created in AGOL when I created my survey. The problem I'm having is getting the pictures to carry over to the survey.

I created a field in the survey that I planned to match with the photo field in my excel sheet, but the photos are the only thing that doesn't show up in the data section of my survey when I look at it in Survey 123. 

The end goal of this is to use the Survey 123 report function to create a report with pictures included. 


Any advice or help would be appreciated!

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I tried something similar, I used Excel to Table , then created points from the X,Y columns to create a Feature Class, enabled attachments and added my photos and sketches.  I prefixed the attachment name with its Survey123 photo or sketch field name thinking thats how Survey123 knows what attachment is associated with each field.

I then used Append to insert records from that feature class to the survey feature class. It partially worked.   Attribute data is visible in Survey123 in the mobile inbox and in the web apps (view and edit modes) , and the attachments made it as feature class attachments, but,  Survey123 did not associate any appended attachments with the corresponding field, so my sketch attachment does not display in the form in the sketch field, and none of the photos attachments are recognised as photos.  My survey had a single sketch field and a single photo field configured as multiline - so it was just one related attachment table, no repeats.   

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