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Append records to a Repeat table and include parentglobalid relationship

08-21-2019 07:47 AM
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Hi All

I have created a survey which is now being used to collect asset condition data - it's replacing an Excel survey form and has been well received.

I'm now trying to append some historical survey data to the Survey123 Feature Class so that the users can see all survey data in the same place. However I'm struggling to append records to a Repeat table while maintaining the relationship with the parent record - any help in doing this appreciated.

My workflow so far is:

  1. Copy data from the old Excel forms to two csv files (one for the parent record and one for the child 'repeat' data). These files have the same fields headers as in the new feature class
  2. Add lat/long info to the csv files
  3. Use the csv for the parent record to create an FGDB Feature Class in ArcMap (v10.2.1)
  4. Use the FGDB to append the parent records to the relevant layer in ArcGIS Online (I tried doing the append directly from the csv but for some reason didn't get the geometry in AGOL - not sure why)
  5. Take the globalid from the new features and copy them to the parentglobalid field in my child-record csv
  6. Append this to the child repeat table in ArcGIS Online

I'm failing at point 6 - although the parentglobalid field name is correct in the csv it is not automatically mapped in the field mappings, and when I manually map it the append operation fails with an 'Error - Unable to append data' message. If I don't manually map the parentglobalid the append works but there is no relationship to the parent record.

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?


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If parentglobalid is set to a GlobalID type that is system managed and you cannot change it or append into it.  You could try using Pro and set the new Preserve GlobalID option.  Not sure if that works on Append but it may.

For me I use my own key fields and my own relationship classes.  Then i can edit them all I want.

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Thanks for the reply Doug. I don't have access to Pro unfortunately so can't try that option, but I'll have a look at adding/using my own key fields. Thanks!

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