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Analyze tab does not include all the data (no filter applied)

05-29-2022 10:29 AM
New Contributor

I'm trying to analyze my data however for some questions the data appears not completely, as if there was a filter applied. E.g. for one question, where there were 3 options to answer, the piechart only shows (100%) for one option, the other two options are not included in the pie chart. I checked several times - there is no filter applied for the data.

Does anyone know how to show all data / include all data in the analyze tab? 

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Esri Contributor

Hi @CynthiaD 

Thanks for raising the issue here! Could you please help us check the choice name of the incomplete question?

There is an known issue which may cause the same problem. When the choice name contains trailing and leading spaces, like "    choice_1" will not able to show correctly in the analyze page.

1. Open the browser's developer tool (press F12) -> go to Network tab

2. With the developer tool opened, load the Analyze page of your survey

3. Search for form.json, and see the details of it.

4. Under the questions node, find the question with issue -> expand choices node -> expand items node

5. Check if leading and trailing spaces are in your choice value




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