An error occured while loading the page. Some features may not work.

11-06-2019 12:17 PM
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Got this error message while on the Data tab of the Survey123 web management page.  Also none of the data from the main page is displayed.  Data from the related table is displayed.  When exported as an Excel spreadsheet all the data is exported.  any ideas?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Darryl,

You are using a few reserved words for question names in your form (ACCESS, STRUCTURE).  Normally this would be highlighted red in the XLSX file, but it looks like validation is not enabled on your form.  Can you try creating a new survey, copy the values into it, and modify those and any other validation issues?

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Hi James Tedrick

Are you able to provide the list of reserved words?
I am experiencing the same issue mentioned above but am not sure what word is breaking it.

If not, some of the words are mentioned below;

stall, face, confirmed, roll, engagements


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I'm also having the same issue and I'm not sure where the issue is since everything published without validation errors. The surveys get submitted but then the data tab says "An error occurred while loading the page. Some features may not work"


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