Allow Users to Request and Download a Report in the Mobile App

09-03-2020 07:10 AM
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Good morning.


Our staff keeps asking for an option to submit a request to generate and download a report for the data they've entered in Survey123 directly from the field app, so just checking if this is actually possible or if there will be a way to get it done in future versions of the application.





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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Javier,

This is not currently possible nor planned to be supported in future versions. The creation and generation of reports needs to be completed via the Survey123 website, or using webhooks and the API. Therefore there is currently no way to do this from within Survey123 field app. 

For now, the best solution is to use webhooks, and when the survey is submitted, a webhook is triggered that generates the report and emails it back to the user.



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