AGOL popup from survey displaying "name" field content instead of "label" field content

07-29-2020 01:30 PM
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I created a survey in S123 Connect and my popup in the hosted feature layer is displaying both content from the "name" field (true name) and from the "label" field (alias). Normally the popup displays the aliases instead of the true names.The question type that is causing the problem is a "Select Multiple". I have also tried creating the survey in the web designer and had the same issue. I have attached an image of my popup. The Species field is a "Select One" and has the label displayed. The Partners field is a "Select Multiple" and has the name(s) displayed. What is the best fix to get only the labels to display?

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Hi Rufaro,

This is a known limitation and expected for select_multiple question types. This is because the select_multiple question type is a comma separated list of value (based on the name field) so the alias/label can not be substituted in pop-ups.



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Is there a work-around or an update to this limitation? I am currently experiencing the same thing as what the OP described.

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Hi @JovanaBurz ,

Please refer to the blog "Labels for Multiple Choice Questions Using Arcade" for a workaround

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@JamesTedrick Thank you for this!

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