Administrators ability to see Survey123 Surveys from staff?

02-02-2017 02:05 PM
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Will the ability of as administrator be added to see all surveys that have been created by organization users be added? Or the ability to take ownership if the person leaves the organization?

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Hi George,

Currently, administrators can access the surveys and control ownership via the main ArcGIS Online web pages.  A quick listing of the surveys in an organization can be done by using the search term "type:Form".

We'll take the idea of organization-level (as opposed to individual-level) administration as a possible enhancement - it would be helpful if register it at to help gauge interest in this feature.

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Hi George,

This is supported in the latest version 3.10.


Jody Zheng Liu

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Hi @JodyZhengLiu I am an administrator for my company and I am in version 3.17 of survey123 and i cannot see survey that are not own by my account, can you please help.

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