Adding new repeat question to existing survey

11-19-2019 11:18 PM
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Hi, is it possible to add a repeat question to an existing survey? Without overwriting the existing data already entered? I'm getting he message below when I attempt this:-

Thanks, Tom.

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Hi Tom,

No, this is not possible, as adding a new repeat question type (begin repeat) is adding a new related table to the feature service and changes the schema. Schema changes such as these are not allowed when republishing, and hence the feature service has to be re-created.

You could try adding the related table/layer via Pro or Desktop (or even via AGO/Portal via REST end point) and then once it is created and added to feature service and connected to parent layer, you can then add the begin repeat with same name, and it should recognize that it already exists and allow you to republish without error. However this process can be a little tricky to get exactly right and set up in a way that works.



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