Adding Fillable Excel sheet to Survey123

08-04-2022 06:51 AM
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Hi all!

I am currently creating a survey for manholes and conduits. Part of the questionnaire is a fillable Excel table where the user can manually input diameter, material, and depth, for the outlets and inlets (attached image). It would be similar to the table-list groups I created (in the survey123 image attached), the only difference being I want the user to manually input data. I tried looking it up, to no avail. I was wondering if anyone else has as solution. Thanks!


Ethan Fink

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You cannot have an Excel table in S123. But there are a couple workarounds.

Option 1 (recommended):

Use a repeat. Inside the repeat, you will have 4 questions:

TypeData Collected
select_one pipe_typeOutlet or Inlet
select_one pipe_material OR textPipe material (creating a list is probably best)
decimalDepth from rim

This allows you to collect all the data from your table. Your output report can easily be formatted like the image you attached.

Option 2:

Skip the repeat and just "hard code" the number input fields. You will still use all the fields described above, but instead of using a repeat, you will just have 4-5 copies of these fields. You could also use fixed-grid style to format the page like Excel.

This can be more complicated to set-up, and is far less dynamic that Option 1.

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Thank you! I actually did exactly that, how you have it in option 1. Works like a charm! Thank you so much.

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