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Adding Domain to Existing Feature Service

11-17-2021 09:32 AM
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I currently have a Survey123 form that field folks are collecting with.  I added a new select 1 question to the existing form and realized that the connected feature service does not have the corresponding domains setup so the data that is getting recorded is the name instead of label.

My question is,  if I add the domains in AGO will I loose any existing data? 


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Hi @icf_Eric_Link ,

ESRI folks correct me if I'm wrong, but I've done this before and not lost any data. You can add or subtract fields at any time for a survey, modify the names and text, etc. The item that comes up regularly is that domains may not carry over into hosted feature service layers if changed. Best practice would be to make several backups and copies off of your data either using the data tab or an export of the data tables itself before you make such a change if you are concerned, and I would also check the schema if anything is tied to an existing field or domain as well as what fields or domains need to be added into custom PDF reports, etc. Hope this helps, the simple answer I believe is yes it is possible just be sure to control and secure your data before any major or potential changes. The links I found and have checked at before will be in the thread link below. Definitely good reads if you have time. 

If all else fails you can open an ESRI ticket and seek more technical advise based on your organization specifically in case Survey123, Survey123 Connect, ArcGIS PRO Publishing, or another ESRI app may help resolve your questions that your organization has access to.

Kind regards & God bless,


Jansen Lyons - Records and GIS Section - Public Works - City of Rio Rancho, NM
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Jansen,  thanks so much for your response.  Very helpful.

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Add the value to the domain in Pro and republish.  then in your Survey Form add the domain value to the existing domain values for that domain.

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Thanks Robert for your response.  I'll give it a try.

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Added notes. To add the domain value you may have to stop the service.  My apologies my first response was short.

Stop the service.  Add the value to the domain.

Restart the service and publish. 

Once published open the Survey table in Survey123 Connect

Open the XLSform for the Survey

go to the Choices tab.

Find the domain you added the value to.

If you want to keep it alpha numeric insert a row and add the value. 

Fill in all the values that are filled in for the rest of the domain.

it should be pretty self explanatory.  name is the same as code and label is the description.

The label does not have to be the same as in the domain description, but it is a good practice.

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You should be able to add it via the AGOL interface for the feature layer, too.  I've done this when updating published surveys with new select_one or select_multiple questions created from a new list.  
(As others have said, back up your feature layer before doing this)



Update the list with the exact values you have in your list in the Survey123 XLS form. 



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