Accessing Repeat data in ArcGIS and Operation Dashboard

06-17-2020 07:57 AM
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Hi Guys,

I have created a survey with multiple repeat and nested repeat, but i have never worked with the repeat data.

is there any tutorial video about working with Repeat data and Global ID? and how to configure them.

i need to use the data from repeat form in Operation Dashboard and also ArcMap.

or can someone please tell me how can i join my data in order to see those repeat form in Ops Dashboard and arcmap.

Thank you


repeat table‌


James TedrickDoug Browning

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All the repeat stuff and relationship class is handled by 123.  Unfortunately Ops Dashboard is terrible with relationship classes.  In fact most Esri products are IMO and I never could figure out why.  They are a great concept and all just no support. (AGOL web map relationship attributes do not work.)

Ops Dashboard can now do Arcade but last I checked FeatureSet commands are not working yet.  So cannot do it that way either.  Again not sure why.

Sorry I could not really help.