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03-27-2023 11:41 AM
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I've created a survey where it accesses a hosted feature layer.  I'm trying to see the points within the mobile app itself from the original hosted feature layer.  They don't seem to be visible from the app, but I can see them when I open the survey through my computer web browser.  Is it just not compatible through the mobile app?

The survey is for some of our government's workforce and inspection staff.  They would need to be able to go in and edit points if necessary, which I enabled on the back end.  I used Survey123 Connect to make an .xlsx and everything seems to be working fine.  I hid almost all the original attributes from the hosted feature layer as they're not needed for the new collection of points.  So everything works except for seeing those points.

I thought perhaps taking the original hosted feature layer and merging it with the new one that was created with the survey would help to update the points and show them, but that didn't help either.


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Hello @CrypticCartography

You can point your survey to the existing feature service, you don't need to create a new feature service with the survey. Please see this documentation for more information on using an existing feature service in Survey123. 

To edit existing records in the Survey123 field app you will need to enable the Inbox within Connect. The Inbox is where field users can access and update existing records. Please see the Prepare to edit existing survey data documentation for more information. 

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