Accessing all surveys associated with one feature.

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11-18-2022 10:28 AM
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This feels like possibly turning the intended logic around where you create a point for each survey entry. What about long-term infrastructure.

Let's say we have an annual bridge inspection form and then a 3 year inspection form, each have differing questions/requirements. There might possibly be a that stores a URL to the annual survey and another field to the 3 year survey (no fancy calculated expression or anything).

Let's also assume that said bridge doesn't have notoriety like 'Best bridge ever!', but there are in fact hundreds of bridges and a simply a numerical identifier.

Let's then say we have a regional manager who doesn't know anything about S123 but wants to click on a particular bridge in a web app and see all the past forms associated with it. How might we achieve that?

It's possible that we could create some PowerAutomate logic that shunts the outputs of the surveys into a folder, but then there would have to be either a folder for each bridge or some ugly naming convention where the bridge ID is part of the file output name and then the manger has to sort by ID...all less than convenient.

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Oh! So just leverage a relationship class to get your 1:M relationship and the survey would just populate new records within the related table!? I don't know why I didn't think of this...this is perfect! Thank you!