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07-22-2022 08:01 AM
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Is there a way to make it so the user can select line, point, or polygon on the same question? We want to be able to ask a question of like highlight areas where you see a problem or something similar and have the user be able to have the choice of a point, line, or polygon without having to have 3 separate questions? Right now in the configuration settings, it seems like you can only select one 



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Hello @AshleighReeves,

Capturing point, line, or polygon geometry is mutually exclusive in Survey123, but also the ArcGIS ecosystem. It's not possible to set up a feature class or feature service that is able to capture all three geometries. Features in ArcGIS need to be either points, lines, or polygons so Survey123 would need feature services to support the ability to capture different types of geometries which is not possible. 


What I would suggest is authoring the form in Survey123 Connect and creating a select_one question that asks the user how they would like to capture geometry (point, line, or polygon) then make repeats that are relevant based on the choice selected. You would have a repeat for each geometry type that would then store the geometry in a related layer. 

If you don't want the geometry stored in a layer you could make geopoint/geotrace/geoshape questions relevant based on the selection with no repeat but set to null for the bind::esri:fieldType and then extract the geometry as an attribute. 

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@AshleighReeves, here's a direct link to the Esri resource that covers use of multiple geometries in a single survey.  Scroll down to the "Adding multiple geo type questions in a survey" heading.

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