1000 Places adding comma in Survey123 Website for Integer datatype

02-10-2021 02:58 PM
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I am getting 1000 places comma for integer datatype in data tab in survey123 for arcgis and when i try to  export the data to pdf the comma added to that integer field. How to get rid of this comma for integer field in Survey123 arcgis website. Please help.

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Hi @vijaybadugu I am having a similar issue when my users are publishing Feature Reports from a Survey123 hosted feature layer where an 8 digit integer field displays commas. Hopefully an ESRI staff member or another GIS professional has an answer.

Is there a way to configure the syntax of a Feature Report template to not display the 1,000's place comma? I've tried configuring the pop-up to not display the 1,000's place commas which worked for the pop up but not the data table which the feature reports are generated from. 

The image below shows the 8 digit number being displayed with commas when the desired out come would be displayed without commas.