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Using a choice_filter with a select_multiple field.

02-27-2020 08:32 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Allow users to answer a select_one yes_no question and if the answer is 'yes', than they can select_multiple options from a filtered choice list. If the answer is no, than the select_multiple question is not relevant. This way the options refer to a single list that is filtered, instead of many separate lists.

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This would be very useful for our workflow as well. We are entering information related to parcels but the initial survey123 form is organized around landowners. Landowners can own multiple parcels. The responses they give sometimes only apply to some of the properties they own so we would like to give our users a select_multiple that only shows the parcels related to the landowner they are speaking to as possible answers and then have them select which parcels the response applies to. A filtered select_multiple would be a simple solution to this.