Survey123: Button to quickly reset/clear a section of questions

11-25-2019 03:29 PM
Status: Open
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It would be handy for debugging and data entry purposes if there was a button to quickly reset or clear a group of questions in a Survey123 survey. I'm currently developing a survey which replicates a paper Wetland Data Form and I am debugging the form by entering in information of a previously completed paper form to double check the math & calculations. Currently, I have to manually delete each entered response to "reset" the survey to enter new information. Here's where a simple button to "Clear Section" would be handy.

It also seems to me that it would also be handy for situations where you want to copy a previously submitted survey because it largely contains identical information for some sections of the survey but has new information for a specific section of the story. An example of this might be a plant monitoring survey on a given property. The basic information about the given property won't change but as you undertake a new transect or sample on the property, that portion of the survey would need to be cleared and start from scratch.

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This would be a great idea.....has this been tried anywhere.  I need to be able to reset the survey if someone answers the question wrong.