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Survey 1-2-3 Logical Validation

02-28-2018 07:42 AM
Status: Open
Regular Contributor II

The synopsis:

Business would like to have survey 1-2-3 do a 'validation' of the survey content while in the field rather than having to post process and depending on certain values then have to go back to gather supplemental information.  Benefit is the field worker can do supplemental data collection and/or comments while still in the field.

For example:

A spatial focus area with assets is either compliant or non-compliant.  Survey 1-2-3 is great for collecting these business rules in place.  Is the asset x, how tall is it, does it have a plate etc, (condition of assets, meeting regulatory requirements etc.).  

The idea:  That survey 1-2-3 can take various surveyed entered values. e.g. IF '[specifc value]' is selected in a combo box, and 'THIS' Is checked and 'THIS' text box has a value greater than 10 THEN a comment box with a question must be filled out (required) before survey can be entered.  This removes the post process 'in compliance or not' and if not, why. - and would require going back to visit the site.