Start and Finish workforce task with Survey 123

03-10-2022 08:06 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to instead of clicking on 'START' on the assignment (workforce app), the worker would start the assignment by opening the integrated Survey123 and 'Finish' the assignment when the survey is sent. That would save tons of clicks and time.


This idea would help our current workflow as well. I do not use workforce mainly because it's one more app and one more thing to manage for the GIS Desk (translated - me). Also, picking up the assignment, then doing it in Survey123, then having to come back and check it off in Workforce is probably more than the field staff can reliably do.

If workforce assignments could be started and finished in Survey123, then I could get behind setting up the Workforce system to put out and pick up assignments.


I would love to see this functionality too. Most of the time, our crews do a pretty good job of going back and "finishing" the assignment in workforce, but sometimes the manager has to comb through assignments to remind them to go back and close those out.