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Set View Definition and "Editing Fence"

02-03-2020 02:18 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

You can create a feature layer view and set a definition for 1) fields to be edited and 2) area of interest. The documentation confirms that the purpose of views and definitions is to control access to who can view and edit certain features. This is a great way to separate the different areas between field crews. But the catch is that ESRI considers that editing, in this sense, refers to existing features, rather than adding new features - it doesn't seem to limit the addition of features.

So, you have 1) created a layer view and defined an AOI of interest, 2) deployed an application with the new layer view to "limit" the editing area in relation to your needs, 3) you add a new feature outside of the AOI and 4) you might expect and error. Nope. You can still add the feature and the feature service will be updated, when you refresh our map, the new feature will not be drawn.

My idea and suggestion are: honor the AOI when editing features, new or existing, and return an error or warning to the user (if it can be customized even better!)