Save Survey123 designs and surveys in a conventional folder

09-14-2018 01:08 PM
Status: Open
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Survey123 saves forms to a folder it creates at C:\Users\<username>\ArcGIS. In our organization, that folder is not backed up or migrated to new PCs, so users will lose their survey designs and downloaded forms.


On Windows, Survey123 should write to \users\<username>\AppData\ESRI (as does most Esri software), or \Documents\ArcGIS (also used by other Esri software). I thought that Esri got away from using non-standard folders, but it looks like Survey123 is a holdout.


I would like to see the option to store Survey123 files and folders on a network drive so anyone on the team could access them, modify them and republish them to AGOL.


There's another idea posted for the network option, which I very much support for the same reasons, and so that surveys can more easily be taken over by an account that has sharing privs. But I think that the issue of survey configurations being tied to a user's folder id would have to be addressed also. That has been quite problematic for us as we transfer surveys from one account to another for publishing purposes. For all other content, we can use groups that allow all members to edit/maintain content, but not so with Survey123 forms. It seems there is an assumption that forms are built, owned, deployed and maintained by one person. That is never the case in our organization.



You bring up an excellent point.  Esri promotes "Collaboration" with their software and services, and their products do that very well.  But, under the hood, where we build and develop Survey123 end-user solutions, the group or team who build these solutions needs to not be siloed by whose account owns the published survey items in AGOL.  It would be nice if Esri would allow one AGOL named user account that the S123 team could use for publishing survey forms.