Organise surveys in folders in the Survey123 mobile app

03-07-2019 01:44 AM
Status: Open
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As more and more users use surveys in our company, the Survey123 mobile gets incredibly crowded with surveys when we click on "Download surveys".

Would it be possible to rearrange surveys in folders ?

For example, first level : member name

Second level : folder create by a member for a project.

The structure would be similar to the one in ArcGIS Online.

Is such a feature planned ? If yes, when should it be released ?

Thanks !

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Further to above comment 

I found survey 123 very useful in an area where almost no other survey app have the same feature

The possibility of editing a feature layer already created! This capability open the door to many applications with-in the humanitarian world where I work and I am sure other fields as well.

At the same time I found the survey slow to work above 500 survey... We are dealing with much bigger number and 

it is not any efficient to put a query  have several survey with manageable numbers (officially no more than a 1,000) but in reality above 500 the system is already shaking.

I tried to propose a couple of workflow of monitoring system using survey123 and above weakness has played against my proposal.

Until we have a faster way to manage around 4,000 survey in one tab then survey123 will remain limited...

Please advise