Can we have a 'take screenshot' functionality that directly adds the image as an attachment?

11-03-2020 12:30 AM
Status: Open
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We use Survey123 mainly in web forms. Now since it's possible in Experience Builder to auto-populate the form with the attributes and geometry of a selected feature in the map, we built a 'report a bug' feature around it. In case users forget to select a feature (which is a hidden field in the form that auto-populates), we placed an additional 'Upload Screenshot' functionality to the web form (basically an upload image type question).

However, it's just possible to upload a previously stored image file from your PC. It would be much more conventient to just replace the 'Take a photo' button with a 'Take a screenshot' button that takes a screenshot and directly adds it as an attachment to the form.

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I'm looking for similar functionality..., but maybe we can can add a tool to all future applications that allow this functionality that instantly grabs a screenshot of the app and has it ready for sending to support.