Allow Survey123 to save data in a CSV file

08-14-2019 09:03 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

For survey use by many people, information is always the same for one or two questions.

The idea is a function used to store certain answer by the user in a csv (with a "pushdata" function). The answer will be retrieved in the next survey to fill the default value with a pulldata.

Currently , the favourite answer option's in the survey field app doesn't work very well for that purpose if there is many hidden column with calculation and with "once() function". And usually the field user doesn't know how to use it. With this function, the survey designer will be able to simplify the use of the survey using survey123 connect regardless of the level of knowledge of the end user.

For example, the survey is used in many cities, but each user is assigned to one city only. Each time the user fill the survey, he needs to answer the question about the city with the same answer again and again. That question cannot be set by default in the xls form in the survey because for each user, the answer (name of the city) is different. And if the user work in a new city, he needs to choose a new one.

That information cannot be stored in a classic csv (with pulldata) associate with the username, because this would be too complicated to follow the changes: new users, the user replaced by another field worker for holiday only ... etc.

The CVS would be blank or filled by default values to be changed for the first use.