WMS layer soes not show in StoryMap

04-13-2023 12:44 AM
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I'm creating a StoryMap and one of the wms layers appears problem free in ArcGIS Online and when I'm editing and placing the map in StoryMap.

But when the map is placed the layer does not show in StoryMap. It shows when I go into edit (adjust map appearance), but never shows after i place the map. 

The layer is a WMS layer. 

Does anyone know what might cause this? 

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@LindMill -- Can you share the URL of the WMS layer or the link to the web map so we can investigate?

If you are unable to share one of these links, or if the WMS is not publicly accessible, please contact Esri Technical Support and they can help you troubleshoot.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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