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When will there be something similar to the Classic StoryMap Series: Tabbed in the New StoryMaps?

11-06-2019 08:43 AM
New Contributor

It would be very helpful if something that is very similar to the Classic StoryMap Series: Tabbed would be added to the New StoryMaps. I have explored using Collections, which is nice, but it does not allow the user to click on a named tab like the classic option does. My agency currently produces two Classic StoryMaps that I would like to be able to reproduce in the New StoryMaps, but the current functionality does not offer this option. The maps that I would like to reproduce can be view here: 



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Owen Evans

Also adding that the SlideShow and Collections are (awesome) newly added functionalities that provide a similar function, but they don't have the same descriptive text like the Classic Tabbed StoryMap to meet this requirement. 

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