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01-13-2023 06:07 AM
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I have built a number of basic story maps to do with Family Trees and history.

I am now hoping to expand my knowledge and develop something more extensive.

Currently I have a Joomla website to record my Travelogue. Home (

It has a database section which has records of places visited and border crossings together with Lat Long and dates. This is constructed using Fabrik, an extension build for Joomla 3 which is at end of life.

The database is boring and has no life, it is just part of the background for the main articles. My Border crossings (

I think it could be brought to life in an ArcGIS Story Map.

Firstly if I download the data into Excel and then to CSV tables. The Tables could then be imported into Story Map, a world view. Separate trips could then be chosen or selected which could then open a journey map for that trip. An alternative which I am exploring is to download the MariaDB 10 sql database and host that on a QNAP NAS, create a new front end and use that to create the CSV files to feed Story Map. I assume that the free version cannot interface with a sql database.

An earlier ArcGIS Story Map,

Any hits as to how to start this, or if it is too much. I would like it to be all table based data which is updatable. Are there any examples of similar that you know of. I have not found any yet.

It is only for personal use. I only have access to free versions.



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