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09-03-2020 04:21 AM
by Anonymous User
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Thumbnails do not seem to be updating for my story maps. I first noticed after I duped a story map and changed the cover image. I published as normal but my thumbnail is only showing the first floating image from within the story map. I opened the item details page and tried to update the thumbnail manually. The image is only 3.5mb and I've used larger ones before so I don't think it is that.

I also tried to change the thumbnail on a testing story map I have I do my tinkering in. It is also not working.

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Hi Bryan -- Thanks for the note about this. I tried a bunch of things to reproduce this, but the thumbnails appear to be behaving as expected. I checked original and duplicated stories as well as making changes either in the story builder or from the item page. Are you still seeing this? If so, are you seeing it just with the duplicated story or with others too?

Just a note, if you update the thumbnail from the item page in ArcGIS, the story builder will update it with the cover image on the next publish. (We're looking at adding a way to unlink the item thumbnail from the cover image as a future enhancement.)

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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by Anonymous User
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I can't explain it but maybe you can, I think it is an image issue. Attached is the original TIF file. Obviously with it being almost 27 MB I wanted to cut it down in size. So I used Affinity Photo to export it as a JPEG and cut the pixel size down from 3250 x 2161 to 1200 x 798. This brought the file size down to more manageable 3.68 MB. This smaller one is the one I was trying to use.

I started running into trouble and this morning I figured I would try a different image. I tried another image that was 32kb and that worked so I thought I would try and size if it was a file size issue. I found an image that was 5.69 MB and that image worked. So I'm actually thinking it was the original image that was giving issue.


This response was supposed to have the "smaller" JPEG attached as well but it got kicked back and said the file was too large. So now I'm pretty suspect that the JPEG is somehow corrupted.

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