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StoryMaps Legend - how can I get the legend to show multiple features under one symbology?

03-08-2023 01:17 PM
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Hi! I have a student who is using Express Maps to map the areas of different islands around one country to show coral reef distribution. However, each area feature created appears separately on the Legend. The areas share symbology (all blue area features) and it doesn't translate to a tidy legend. Is there a way to either use the area function differently so they are grouped together OR edit the legend to merge the features under one symbology?

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Hi @duffyla -- There isn't a capability to customize an express map legend right now.

I'm wondering if a legend is needed in this case. If all the features have the same color, isn't the content of the map clear from the caption and/or narrative text around the map in the story?

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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