StoryMap not auto adjusting

08-12-2020 10:36 AM
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I'm having an issue with my StoryMap not auto adjusting when previewed on other devices. While in preview mode, my images are covered by the text box in the slideshow setting. My setting for all images is 'fit (do not crop)'. Is there a quick fix to this, or do I need to resize all my images?

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Is this in Classic StoryMaps (via Configurable WebApps) or the new StoryMaps?  If it is in Classic Story Maps, what style is it (Cascade, Tour, etc.)?  Can you share a screen shot?

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Hi Leslie -- For images and videos added to media panels you can set a focal point. This allows you to set the part of the image that's important and should always be shown. Without that information the image is just centered.

Click the gear in the image menu and then click on the image where you want the focal point to be.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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