StoryMap Guided Tour glitches on mobile

02-01-2022 11:54 AM
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A member of my organization has published a guided tour ArcGIS StoryMap that loads maps and displays content properly on desktop. On mobile, however, not all images are displayed and the map sections are glitchy. Specifically the guided tours do not update when scrolling, usually stuck on the first point and the text blocks sometimes cover up the map (see attached images for reference). 

Link to StoryMap 



My first thought was to check that the images were uploaded so that they could be properly scaled by Esri/ArcGIS StoryMaps on the back end. All images are uploaded JPEGs and seem to be <100KB on mobile.

Is it possible that the length of the StoryMap is the issue? I know that there is an unspoken guideline that lengthy StoryMaps with too much media (i.e. maps, images, videos ect.) can adversely affect the performance, as documented here.



Is it possible that the StoryMap needs to be broken up and perhaps added to a collection? If so, are there guidelines for the proper length/size of media uploads/embeds to bet optimize and plan for a StoryMap? 


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