StoryMap Analytics Options When Google Analytics Can't be Used

09-22-2021 12:25 PM
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I am working on a project that requires me to collect analytics data about usage within a StoryMap service. At this time I am not able synch the StoryMap with a Google Analytics Account. My organization IT likely will not provide an exception for me to use Google Analytics. SiteImprove is another analytics platform my organization has allowed us to use. We are exploring whether or not we can set up a report within that tool. What are the options for collecting analytics information about StoryMap use since we cannot use Google Analytics?  What approaches have others used to get this data for reporting?


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What analytic data do you want to collect? 

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Hi Rickey, 

Thanks for your response here. 

We would want similar capabilities to the article described here below:  Ex. how much time people spend interacting with elements on the page. Visitor information about what devices people are viewing the service on. Things like issues people might be experience - broken links checking. We probably dont need a lot but just engagement and analytics at similar level to GA. Thanks



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