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Story Map to Experience Builder

04-11-2024 01:02 PM
New Contributor III

Is there a way to migrate a story map to an experience ?  Is that a logical progression for a story map in order to add more data areas and other information?  What is a logical update from a story map to a more interactive web application?  Would an Experience be recommended or would a different web app be a better fit?  

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Occasional Contributor II

I think the answer to your question depends on the purpose of your app, what functionality you're hoping to add, and what you have currently in your storymap.

Experience builder like storymaps can have a scrolling format but it does have a number of widget options for interacting with the data. Storymaps can be enhanced by adding map actions and map choreography which can help to show more data. It's also possible to embed other apps in storymaps.

This article provides a really high level framework with which to approach trying to decide on an app.