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Story is gone after publishing

04-11-2022 11:10 PM
New Contributor

Hello, I am brand new to story maps and have already had two issues within the last week. First, after continuing to update my story in a tab for a few weeks, where it continuously auto-saved, when I hit "preview," the story completely disappeared from my storymaps account. I started over and made a new story. I saved it every time I worked on it, even though it auto-saved, and closed the tab when I was done with it. Today, after I saved it, I hit "publish" and set the privacy to within my administration. It loaded through a few checkmarks and at the end, said my page was successfully published. It then reloaded the page, which was now entirely gone -- again also from my saved AND favorited pages -- and no search for it within the ArcGIS page, the collection from my administration, or even a google search yields anything. Like I said, I am completely new to ArcGIS and have no idea how to proceed. Please help!

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hello @BreannaLosey - I'm very sorry this has been your initial experience. This is a very odd issue and I'm not sure I can explain the things you've described as they are of course not normal or expected.

Is it possible you have been logging in with more than one account and your story is in one account and then isn't available when you are logged in with the other account? When you created your story, did you create it from scratch or did you duplicate another story? Do you have the link for one of these stories that you can share?

I think the best path forward for you would be to contact our great team at Esri Technical Support so they can assign a person to work directly with you on documenting what happened and troubleshooting your situation.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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