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Panoramic Images in a Map Tour

04-12-2024 06:15 AM
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I am putting a map tour together and am trying to figure out how to make the images be panoramas the user can drag to navigate - google street view style . It doesn’t need to be an actual 360 image, just the ability to scroll within an larger image to see detail. Is this possible? I know I can post a panorama and then click on it to zoom in, but I'd like it to default to the zoom-ed in state and be moveable.

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Esri Contributor

Hi @PeterBarber , this isn't a feature built into StoryMaps, but we have seen people embed 360º images into their stories. To do this in an immersive element similar a map tour, you could use a sidecar element, create a map, and add those 360º images into a feature layer's data. This blog post does a good job of explaining that process: How to create an ArcGIS Online map with 360° images .

The other option is to simply embed 360º images in your story, if you don't need your user to be focusing on a map when viewing the images. @PeterKnoop put together a story of different places you can add 360º images, and a few examples of different sites where you can create and host those images. 360º Images and 3D Models in StoryMaps .

Let me know if these workflows provide a possible solution for you!


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