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Opening a link in the same tab

07-11-2022 07:18 AM
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I'm re-building my classic storymap tours into the new storymaps.

In my tour points, I link to a photo gallery that is hosted on my own website. In the old version when I downloaded a template, I could change the html to use the a target="_self" tag so that it the link didn't open up new tabs. 

Is there a way to do this in the new tours? I can add the link to the photos in the sidebar block, but in the designer how can I use the self tag? 

I am NOT a web designer. This is a personal project. That is about the extent of my html knowledge.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi @CelesteWalz -- ArcGIS StoryMaps does not currently have the ability to add custom HTML code.

The map tour in ArcGIS StoryMaps supports multiple photos for each tour place (up to 5). Might that be a good alternative to using an externally-hosted gallery?

One thing to consider is that if you were able to allow readers to open a link in the same tab, they would loose their place in the tour. When they hit the BACK button the story would reload from the beginning. Is that an acceptable experience for your readers?

Could you share the link to your classic tour? That might help provide more information about the experience you're after.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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Hi Owen,

Five photos *might* work, but generally I want more than that, as the maps are used for my family to see where my husband and I travel.  In the past, when I used the template, I was able to specify the tour stop to return to so that the readers were sent back to where they left off.

Here is one of the tours. These all launch from our personal webpage. I downloaded and edited the template on my server along with the photo galleries.

Australia (

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Is it possible to open a link in the same tab instead of a new one? 

I am building a storymap where I would like some links to open new tabs but some to open in the same tab so it feels like you are moving back and forth through the story, not starting again. Many thanks

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