Numbered list- unwanted automatic corrections

11-26-2019 12:59 AM
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I want to create a storymap where all the text chapters are numbered. For better readability I want to have a space between each text block. It is not possible in ArcGIS StoryMaps. Even if I choose content block "Numbered list" - space between rows wont work.

What I want:

1. First chapter

2. Second chapter.

What I can get:

no space between number and text - does not look good

1.First chapter

2.Second chapter


no numbering

1. First chapter

1. Second chapter

Actually it is not possible to add any other number than 1. before the Text content block. It is very annoying how everything automatically changes to "1".

Fix for this would be a good addition to StoryMap functionality. Small thing, but significantly changes how good/not really the storymap looks.

If there is a way to do this that I cant find, I would be happy for explanation how. Thanks!

Video: demo

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Zane -- Sorry the lists aren't behaving the way you'd like. The automatic formatting is applied as soon as a space is detected immediately after the period. If you want to avoid that you can do this...

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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Thank you for showing the workaround!

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