Make Storymaps Autoplay scrolling smoother

11-18-2020 01:52 PM
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The Autoplay is great, and now that it's controllable using a parameter for slow/med/fast its really easy. However, the way it scrolls is quite jerky and could be smoother. it makes it hard to read when it appears to incrementally shift up in small fast movements rather than smoothly scroll. I've tried it on Chrome, Firefox and Edge and get the same effect on all speeds.

Can you please look into making this scroll/autoplay mechanism more fluid in nature.


Hopefully the video illustrates it somewhat!


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Esri Frequent Contributor

Hi @MelissaBrooks! Thanks for providing feedback about your experience with autoplay. Can you please share a link to that story so we can take a look? I tested a few other stories and didn't see the choppiness that you reported and show in your video.

Also, is there a reason you are running autoplay from Preview mode? Can you try viewing the published story and see if you experience choppiness in that mode?

(I moved this post from ideas to questions since this is more of a bug/issue than an idea for a new feature or enhancement.)

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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