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Issue with saving edits in duplicated story

08-27-2023 06:36 PM
New Contributor

I am working on a duplicated storymap and I am now getting various error messages and new edits are not being saved. The initial duplication of the original storymap was successful and working on the duplicated story worked just fine for quite a while.

However, now it always says 'Saving...' on the top left and when I exit the story, my edits are lost.

At some point, I published the story. Now the banner 'Unpublished changes' is visible on the top left. When I go on to publish the story again, the following two error messages appear: 'Some of your story content could not be checked for issues', and 'There was a problem publishing your story'.

When I go on to unpublish the story, the error message 'There was a problem unpublishing your story' appears.

When trying to duplicate my (already duplicated) story, the message 'There was a problem duplicating this story' appears.

Additionally, when I open the storymap just for viewing, the original storymap (without any of my edits) shows up.

I feel like the issues starting sometime after I published the storymap for the first time and kept working on it.

I've read that there are some issues with duplicated stories. Is that the case here too? Do I need to start the story from scratch in order to solve this, or is there a possibility to repair the storymap?

Cheers, Saemi

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Hi @saemih ,

What type of items are added in the story since publication? Are there any links to external media, or ArcGIS content? Feel free to include a link here if that story is public.

I'd recommend reaching out to Esri Technical Support and creating a case with them. They can help take a closer look at the specific item and perform some troubleshooting with you to try and recover the ability to edit and republish the story.



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There are quite a few web maps integrated into the story, as well as one embedded item.
I didn't have any issues with integrating web maps before though. And I am pretty sure that I added the embedded item before the publication.

Since the old, original storymap is opened upon viewing it, I don't think that sharing the link actually is of any use.

Thanks for the response!

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