Inserting images inline with text

05-05-2020 12:40 PM
by Anonymous User
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I'm working on a story map and my colleague wants to include an equation and some small images within the text. I know you can do that with Journal and while it isn't ideal in there I think with the large text size in StoryMaps this could work. An example of the equation is below. Another possible avenue, although I do not know how difficult this would be, is to build some kind of equation builder similar to Word. Though when thinking about it that might be a niche group of people that would use it.

Another reason this would be helpful is in author sections. It might be interesting to put in images of authors next to the information about the author. I know you can does this with floating images but taking up that much real estate isn't very useful.

Currently I would have to write out the equation as below,


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