Image pixelated in sidecar

06-08-2022 02:20 PM
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Hello. I'm currently working on a sidecar for a Story Map. I have a crystal clear, high res pdf image that when converted to a jpeg and uploaded to the sidecar becomes quite pixelated. (You can see a screenshot attached; I'm concerned with the image of the report, not the background aerial image.) Any ideas as to how to remedy this situation?

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Hi Emma -- I'm sorry you are seeing an issue with the quality of your PDF image.

JPG is a file type that uses lossy compression, which likely accounts for the pixelation you're seeing. Whenever you have text in an image it's best to use a file with lossless compression, such as PNG. Can you try converting your PDF to a PNG image and see if that improves your results?

(Also, I've moved this thread out of the classic board since it's a question about ArcGIS StoryMaps.)

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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